Few places on Earth are as beautiful as Cartagena, a city that offers both history and modernity. From beautiful architecture to striking monuments, there are plenty of inspiring sightseeing opportunities along our 16 stops. You can hop-on and off unlimited times at any of these stops and enjoy the city at your own pace.

Create your own Cartagena itinerary with a ticket for the city’s only Hop On – On Off tour. Start this magnificent scenic drive to Cartagena´s treasures at the Pier on board one of our coach or double decker buses that will take you directly to Cartagena’s historic center where your Hop On – Hop Off tour will begin the tour makes 14 designated stops that lead to the best the city has to offer. Get off when you want to go exploring. Stay as long as you like. Catch the next bus when you’re ready to continue. Ride up top for amazing views of the city and choose from six different languages during the tour. See landmarks including Cartagena’s famed Clock Tower and the San Felipe de Barajas Castle. Hit the city’s top shopping districts. Explore lively bars or grab a bite to eat at an authentic Colombian restaurant. Plus, your ticket includes a guided walking tour through the cobbled streets of the historic Walled City at no additional charge. For those who prefer to see the sights at their own pace, the Hop On – Hop Off tour is the ideal choice.

Double Decker Bus Route (Red Line)

  • Explore Cartagena aboard the Hop On -Hop Off tour, featuring 14 stops at the city’s favorite destinations.
  • Enjoy a guided walking tour through the cobbled streets of the Walled City at no extra charge.
  • See the sights you want to see at your leisure like on this self-guided city tour.

TOUR DURATION 4 hours at your leisure.

The length of the entire is 90 minutes, if you decide not to hop off at any our 14 stops. If you do choose to hop off at any of our stops, please ensure you allow ample time to return to the port.

  • Panoramic tour with plenty of opportunities to hop-on and off around the city.
  • Live guided tour in 2 languages: English and Spanish.
  • Sightseeing tour on board our Hop On – Hop On tour with stops at the Fortress of San Felipe de Barajas, Clock Tower, The Walled City, the Modern City and the commercial area of Pierino Gallo.
  • Free 3D Map plus one complimentary water bottle and delicious coffee candies.
  • Frequency: Every 30 to 40 minutes a bus will pass by any of our 16 stops.
  • All Hop On – Hop Off buses return to the port every 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Amazing Walled City walking tour: a guided walk through the best of the Walled City: Clock Tower, Santo Domingo Square, Plaza de la Aduana, Bolivar Square, Inquisition Palace, Emerald Museum with a professional and bilingual tour guide (in English & Spanish).
  • Wheelchair-friendly buses.
  • Shopping time for emeralds and souvenirs at Pierino Gallo stop.
  • Historic District
  • Bodeguita Pier Touristic Pier
  • Camellón de los Mártires
  • Clock Tower
  • Getsemani neighborhood
  • San Felipe Fortress
  • San Martin Commercial District
  • Bocagrande Beaches

Walking Tour (Green Line)

The green line takes you to an exciting guided walking tour, through the Historic District.

  • Duration: 90 minutes approximately.
  • Starting point: Clock Tower Stop No. 4 of the Red line.
  • Starting time: Every day at 4:04 pm
  • Live guide in English and Spanish.
  • 14 sites of interest.
  • Expenses not specified in the plan are not included.
  • Coches Square
  • Bolívar Square
  • Santa Catalina de Alejandria Cathedral
  • Inquisition Palace
  • Santo Domingo Square
  • The Bastions of the Walls
  • San Pedro Claver Church

Manager’s Recommendations

1.- REMEMBER! You can hop on – hop off as many times as you wish at any of our 16 stops around the city. Where you will be able to see Cartagena.

2.- Our tour begins at the port, from there, we will go straight to stop 2. The Clock Tower. This is the main entrance to The Old City where you will learn the rich history behind the walls of Cartagena. From this stop you have two options:

  1. a) Hop off the bus and walk on your own. Then you can return to stop 2 again and continue the tour on board the bus.
  2. b) Stay on the bus and hop off at any of our 16 stops or do the whole 90 minutes loop. Then hop off as stop 14, The Bodeguita pier and explore our wonderful walking tour around The Old City.

3.- Do not forget: Every 30 to 40 minutes a bus will be at any of our 16 stops.

4.-If you want to do our wonderful walking tour, we recommend bringing sunscreen and water.

5.- At Stop 3 you can hop off and discover the most important place in Cartagena, San Felipe Castle! Visit the biggest military fortress in South America.

6.- If you want to go shopping for local handcraft souvenirs, we recommend you hop off at Boquetillo stop 5. This is another main entrance to the Old City. Also, in this stop you will be able to see Gabriel Garcia Marquez´s house, as well as one of the most famous hotels, The Santa Clara Hotel with the unique architecture.

7.- If you are into shopping, stops 8,9 and 10 are a great option for you.

8.- You can´t talk about Colombia without mentioning its emeralds, jewelry and fashion designers. We recommend you hop off at stop 12 Pierino Gallo. Remember. Every 30 to 40 minutes a bus will be there.

9.- The main station of tour is stop 14, The Bodeguita Pier, from this on you have three options:

  1. a) You are invited to do Walking Tour and fall in love with the Walled City.
  2. b) Hop off and go over the old city on your town.
  3. c) Stay in the bus and go back to the port.

IMPORTANT: In this stop, the last bus departs one hour before the ship leaves. You will always find a staff member to assist you.

10.- The last recommended stop, is Home Port 16, from this point on you have four options:

  1. a) You will have access to the zoo where you will be able to see exotic animals and relax.
  2. b) If you want to get handcraft souvenirs for your family, you can get them ad DUTY FREE.
  3. c) There it´s a WIFI zone where you can enjoy delicious Colombian coffee.

The free Shuttle service is available from the DUTY FREE to the ship every 15 minutes.

Remember! A bus will be arriving every 30 to 40 minutes at any of our 14 stops.

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