Cocoliso Island Tour



Cocoliso Island Tour


The most exclusive natural reserve of the Colombian Caribbean. Ecological trails, alive, green, that seem to guide you as you walk on them. Crystal clear waters that encourage you to submerge and dive in them, or ride them in a canoe. A guided tour by speedboat, and a spectacular resort with typical food, waiting for you, always fall well.

DESCRIPTION: Guided bilingual tour to Isla Coco Liso.

  • Prior reservation is required.
  • Departure hours: 8:00 am / 8:30 am.
  • Duration: approximately eight hours.
  • Includes transportation by speedboat hotel – pier – Isla Coco Liso.
  • Free hotel pick-up: in hotels in the areas of Boca Grande, Laguito and Castillo Grande. (In case of not being in hotels in the area, you should go to the Muelle de la Bodeguita gate # 5.)
  • Includes: lunch with accompanying drink.
  • It does not include a port fee of $ 16,500 or admission to the aquarium of $ 30,000 (optional). Consumptions at the bar, transport back to the wharf dock – hotel.
  • Does not include expenses not specified in the plan.

 The Coco Liso Resort Island, is part of the Archipelago of the Rosario Islands, a tourist place per excellence.

On this trip, your tour will start at the port of Cartagena. If you are staying in a hotel located in the areas of Boca Grande, Laguito and Castillo Grande, we will pick you up for free. Otherwise, you should go to the dock at Bodeguita No.5.

 You must pay the Port tax $ 17,000 COP $ and embark on one of the boats. There you will be asked to use your life jacket and immediately, set sail on a 40 minute trip. It can be one hour by boat, depending on the direction of the wind.

During the tour, you will observe the of Boca Grande area, the most luxurious place in Cartagena. Tierra Bomba, a place of tourist excellence and the Baluarte de San Fernando, the first place lne of defense of the City of Cartagena, during the attacks of pirates and buccaneers 300 years ago.

 Already in the resort, you will be able to enjoy varied activities. If you like to walk, for example, you can walk on several trails and enjoy a quiet space, where you can get in touch with nature.

 Otherwise, the resort has a comfortable pool, or you can enjoy the sea. Which, told by of many of our clients, “is a huge warm and pool”.

The water is very calm in these islands. In fact, you will notice that even if the water reaches your knees, you will be able to observe your feet. And even, small multicolored fish playing near you. It is for this reason,  that activities such as snorkeling and diving are very popular here.

 Once at the complex, you can enter the dining room and enjoy a delicious lunch, which is included in the plan. And,  for a small fee, we recommend a delicious natural juice, from the various tropical fruits that are given in the area, or you can request to have your favorite cocktail prepared.

 On there turn trip, do not stop admiring the landscapes, enjoy the sun and the feeling of the trip by boat. We assure you that you will obtain memories that will remain impregnated throughout your life time.

Cocoliso Island Tour

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