Mangrove Route


Located in the middle of the Ciénaga de la Virgen and the Caribbean Sea, is Manzanillo del Mar, a small but attractive tourist center with unspoiled beaches and paradisiacal landscapes. Crowded with affable people, friendly service, encourages you to travel in a crowded canoe, enjoying its mangroves and diversity of fauna. 

DESCRIPTION: Guided tour to Manzanillo del Mar

  • Requires prior reservation.
  • Departure time: 13:00 pm / 17:00 pm.
  • Duration: 4 hours approximately.
  • Includes: Ground transportation to Manzanillo del Mar.
  • Round trip.Includes: Paddle canoe transportation.Entrance to the Pre-Columbian Archaeological Park (optional).
  • VIP card for gifts and discounts.
  • Does not include expenses not specified in the plan.

Mangrove Route

From: 70.000 COP