Gente De Mar Club Beach



Gente De Mar Club Beach


Close your eyes, visualize yourself in a tropical paradise with abundant fresh air. Surrounded by crystalline waters, where its delicate sand allows you to impregnate your footprints in it. Add the exciting feeling of a boat trip and a resort with all kinds of amenities waiting for you. Open your eyes and confirm it. There is a place just like that. Just forty minutes from the city of Cartagena, Gente de Mar Resort, will give you an intimate experience with nature, and a pleasant memory of one of the best vacations you’ve ever taken.

DESCRIPTION: Bilingual guided tour to Hotel Gente de Mar

  • Requires prior reservation.
  • Hours: Departure 09:00 am / Return 16:00. (Approximately)
  • Duration: 7 hours (approximately).
  • The tour includes roundtrip transportation by speedboat.
  • Pick up at the Hotel (Only Bocagrande, Gethsemane, Historical Center)
  • Includes: Typical buffet lunch of the island and non-alcoholic drink.
  • Welcome cocktail without alcohol.
  • Children under 3 year olds are free.
  • Does not include port fee, COP 16,500 per person.
  • Does not include expenses not specified in the plan.
Gente de Mar is a hotel that is located on the Isla Grande, 45 minutes by boat from the city of Cartagena, which is part of the Archipelago of the Rosario Islands.
If you are staying in Cartagena, in the areas of Boca Grande, Laguito and Castillo Grande, we will pass by you, to transport you to the port and then to the hotel Gente de Mar.
At the port, you must register in a logbook, cancel the port fee that ranges between 17,000 COP (Colombian pesos) and enter the vessel assigned to you.
Here, the adventure begins! The trip is very joyful, because most of the passengers are tourists just like you and you can feel the joy of the trip on board. Once the life vest is placed, we are ready to continue.
On this tour you will be able to observe several iconic places in the city. For example, the area of Boca Grande, a very exclusive and luxurious sector. Tierra Bomba, a place full of stories of Pirates, wars and heroes, the Baluarte de San Fernando, among others.
Do not worry, the guide who is also bilingual is responsible for telling about the history of the city, in the activities you could do with your family, in the richness and biodiversity of the area, etc. You will have fun and be informed at the same time.
Already on the Island, you have several activities that you can enjoy. Starting with the delicious crystalline sea, which is heated by the Caribbean sun, or taking a break in the sunbathing beds. You can even request a massage at the spa for a small fee.
You can also do water sports such as snorkeling, diving, boardwalks, etc. It depends on what your budget allows. Remember that activities of this type are not included in the plan.
When you have an appetite, welcome is the lunch included in this package, normally it is a typical dish from the area, such as patacones, rice with coconut, salad and fish. However, you can also taste several other varied dishes a la carte and even a variety of drinks with or without alcohol. (not included).
Remember that your transportation back to Cartagena leaves at three in the afternoon. Do not worry, the return trip will be as delicious as the outward journey.
In Cartagena you can continue to enjoy its charms. Personally, we recommend taking a city tour that afternoon, on our 2-story tourist bus,hop on, hop off, with which you can also take advantage of the next day, since the ticket lasts 2 days, and you can go on and off, as many times as you wish.
Do not forget to visit the Walled City. It is included in the city tour on the tourist bus.
Enjoy Cartagena, Colombia.

Gente De Mar Club Beach

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