Tour Santa Marta Island

Tour Santa Marta


Tour Santa Marta Island


Immerse yourself in an unparalleled panoramic tour of the dream city, touring its historic center, getting to know the monument of Carlos Valderrama “El Pibe”, on the way to Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, an iconic place in South America, since he lived and his body still lies, Liberator Simón Bolívar during his last living days. And of course, to enjoy the white beaches of Rodadero, an uncomplicated trip, comfortable and pleasant.

DESCRIPTION: Bilingual guided tour to Santa Marta.

  • Requires prior reservation.
  • Hours: Departure 06:00 am / Return 20:00. (Approximately)
  • Duration: 14 hours (approximately).
  • The tour includes air conditioned ground transportation.
  • It includes a visit to the San Pedro Alejandrino Quinta, monuments to the Aborigines, Valderrama Kid Statue, among others.
  • Visit to the Rodadero Beaches.
  • Includes: lunch service. (Sautéed fish options, Bandeja Paisa, chicken rice)
  • Free hotel pick-ups in the areas of Bocagrande, Laguito and Castillo Grande.
  • Does not include expenses not specified in the plan.
On this tour in Santa Marta, you will enjoy pleasant experiences, starting with a panoramic tour of all the historical and most interesting places in the city.

You will get to know, for example, the house where the fore father, Simón Bolívar spent his last days, La quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, the monument to the Aborigines, and even the statue of “Pibe Valderrama”, a spectacular soccer player of the national Colombian team of all time, known for his curly yellow hair and incredible goals.

To take this tour, we will pick you up to your hotel, if you are staying in Cartagena, in the areas of Boca Grande, Laguito and Castillo Grande; otherwise, you should go to the Convention Center, where we will pick you up, and we will leave you to on the way back.

As part of this adventure, we will also visit Playa Del Rodadero, a very touristic place for its natural beauty, as well as for all the activities that can be done there.

If you like peace and tranquility, you can rest and relax on the sand, while the sun shines on you. You can accompany your experience with a dessert, a drink or perhaps enjoying an outdoor massage. There is a lot of demand for this type of services.

If you want adventure, and you like water activities, you can rent a jet ski, flotation and surf boards, or perform activities such as snorkeling and diving.

Remember that on this tour you can enjoy a delicious lunch. But if you want a good dish, the place lends itself to enjoy exquisite food, both from the region and international.

We recommend you explore the island on foot, enjoy the beautiful views and feel the overwhelming nature. Not just for anything, Santa Marta, is one of the main tourist destinations in Colombia and the world.
Enjoy your vacation!

Tour Santa Marta Island

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