Tour Volcan Del Totumo



Tour Volcan Del Totumo


The popular belief indicates that the minerals contained in the medicinal mud of this volcano have therapeutic powers on those who immerse themselves in it. With just fifteen meters high and located forty minutes from the city of Cartagena, you can literally enjoy a “therapeutic volcanic mud bath”. 

DESCRIPTION: Guided tour to the Totumo volcano

  • Hours: 08:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (approximately 6 hours)
  • Prior reservation is required.
  • Roundtrip transportation on air-conditioned transport.
  • Includes: typical lunch with accompanying drink.
  • Includes: sea bath at Manzanillo del Mar Beach.
  • Includes: mud bath inside the volcano
  • Does not include expenses not specified in the plan.
The Totumo volcano is literally a volcanic cone full of mud. A mud rich in minerals, with supposed therapeutic and medicinal qualities, that make this place a tourist site of great growth.
In the state of Bolívar, an hour from Cartagena by road, by air-conditioned bus, awaits for you. This is a volcanic formation with a height of just twenty meters, which must be accessed through a wooden staircase.
Local legends narrate that the site, located about 45 minutes from Cartagena, was once an active volcano, until an astute priest intervened. Armed with holy water, the cleric pacified the impetuous mountain and transformed the molten lava into a hot source of minerals beneficial to the body.
These days, a sign at the base of the volcano clearly describes the natural elements of the mud: magnesium, calcium, iron and aluminum, among others. The subject is very clear: this is not the mud where children play at home after a rainy day. This mud rich in minerals is potentially beneficial to your health.
Around this mini colossus, in case you get hungry after such a pleasant bath, they sell typical food like coconut rice, fried fish and various types of refreshing drinks.
You can also, for a reasonable sum of money, take a boat ride through the Ciénaga and get to know the islands of Los Cocos, La Fantasía and Las Garzas, where you will find a variety of flora and fauna typical of the mangroves.
A few kilometers away, there is the cove of the village of Galerazamba, where marine salt is extracted from pre-Columbian times, which has also become an important tourist attraction.

Tour Volcan Del Totumo

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