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On this occasion, I want to show you one of the most beautiful places in Colombia, I mean the Rosario Islands; mainly, Isla Coco Liso Island, an Island Resort that offers varied attractions for tourists.

Let´s get started!

At a brisk pace, I was heading to the port of Cartagena, this time alone. I was training and I wanted to take advantage of my stay in this beautiful city, to get to know the famous Rosario Islands.

The Rosario Islands are a Colombian archipelago, which is a tourist magnet for the whole world. They are located about an hour away, traveling by boat, against the wind, and 45 minutes when the wind is favorable. «Explanation provided by the captain of the boat that transported me».

When entering the port, it looked quite orderly, which gave me a lot of peace. In addition, the operators of the place helped a lot by providing information to tourists who were somewhat lost. (I always including myself in the list of the clueless) but this time “just a little bit lost”.

There I paid the value of the airport tax ($ 17,000 COP) and embarked on the boat, which was actually a medium-sized boat. I must say that you have to pay a different price for port taxes. In some cases, depending on where you are going, it is a bit higher or a little less. However, that is the average range to be canceled.

I was already on the boat and placed the life vest on, we started the journey. The first thing I saw was the statue of the Virgin Del Carmen, which was in the Bay of Cartagena, almost in front of the Port.Then on the right, there was a fortification that was the first to call my attention. It was Tierra Bomba. One of the guides told me that it is a nice place, it is worth knowing, but you have to go with a lot of patience and an excellent disposition of spirit, because the salespeople jumped around as soon as you arrived. My position on this is clear, Cartagena de Indias is a tourist place, like the Rosario Islands. People know that they live from tourism and can not be denied the opportunity to sell their products to the artisan or small business owners. Maybe yes, I thought about it a bit more.

Still in Boca Chica, in the first part of the route, there is the bastion of San Fernando, a very touristic place, because this was the first line of defense of Cartagena, against the attacks from pirates and corsairs.

When I arrived at Isla Coco Liso or Coco Liso Island Resort, as I said on the welcome sign, I found myself in the middle of a very quiet place. I got off and the first thing I did was walk a bit to stretch my legs and see that there are many trails. That’s wonderful. I appreciate that a lot, because you can value the biodiversity of the places I visited. In this case, the famous fauna of the Rosario Islands in its spectacular coral waters.

The resort facilities are very comfortable, not luxurious, but quite enjoyable. There are cabins or small apartments, where one can stay until the next day. (Unfortunately this was not my case) but it is important to mention it for when you decide to visit the place, especially if your visit will be with your family.

I took the opportunity to enjoy the pool and then went to the sea. This part caught my attention, because the water reached up to my knees and I could literally see fish swimming around me. And although it sounds very touristic, the sea looked like a huge pool.

Regarding the previous comment, I became friends with a young Brazilian couple, who enjoyed the place with their children. They told me that their children learned to snorkel the day before and this was the second day. Practically the two days passed and they enjoyed the same activity entirely.

At lunchtime, with a fierce appetite, I went to the dining room and tried the traditional dish of the place. Rice with coconut, fried fish and my usual favorites, patacones! I took the opportunity to drink a delicious coconut milkshake, which “I still can not forget”. The food of Cartagena is really delicious!

In the afternoon, a little tired, I walked to a nearby place, which is called the Enchanted Lagoon (Ciénaga de Coco Liso). A refreshing place, where you can, in silence, allow the beauty of the mangroves and nature to consume you, while you take a short break.

This time went by very well nicely, I was at three o’clock in the afternoon on the jetty, and I returned in almost half the time. Just 35 minutes to the port of Cartagena.

I broadly recommend this tour to Islas del Rosario. In this case to Islas Coco Liso. I promise to find out the reason for the name, I had it in my mind, but I let myself be carried away by the cozyness of the place and it passed me by.

It is good to always recommend the use of sun protection. Additional drinks (water) which is allowed to be brought on board the vessel, because there is a lot of film and photographic material.

Already in Cartagena de Indias, I would like to take advantage of the afternoon by taking another tour, you may go in search of Hop On – Hop Off tour,  or maybe a horse-drawn carriage ride. Although thinking about it, I think I’ll choose the first option. The Hop On – Hon Off bus always has the best comments and I can enjoy the carriage ride, when I come with the whole family. So far, this is my report of a beautiful day in Coco Liso Islands,

 This is part of the archipelago of the Rosario Islands. I invite you to click on the following link and you can visit it for yourself:.

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