City tour San Felipe Castle and La Popa


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Discover the historical magic and impressive architecture of Cartagena on our Half-Day City Tour! This exciting tour will take you to two of the most emblematic places in the city: the imposing Castillo San Felipe and the majestic Cerro de la Popa.
We will begin our adventure at the imposing Castillo San Felipe, a colonial fortress that has witnessed centuries of history. Immerse yourself in the legends and anecdotes that surround this defensive bastion as you explore its corridors, tunnels and strategic viewpoints. Enjoy panoramic views of the city and learn about the strategic importance this fortification had in protecting Cartagena against pirate invasions.
Afterwards, we will go to Cerro de la Popa, a sacred place with an incomparable view of the city and the Caribbean Sea. We will ascend the winding cobblestone streets that surround the hill and reach the top to contemplate a spectacular panoramic view. Discover the history of the church at the top, built in the 17th century, while marveling at the architecture and legends that surround this unique site.
Our Half-Day City Tour will not only take you through the most emblematic places of Cartagena, but will also immerse you in the rich history and culture of this captivating city.


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For passengers Passengers located in the Historic Center, the meeting point is the Pegasos Pier. Bocagrande, Laguito, Castillo Grande and Zona Norte we offer hotel pickup. Passengers from Manzanillo, Cielo Mar and La Boquilla, please go to the nearest meeting point, located in Manzanillo. The pick-up time will be from 1:00 p.m.

From: $39

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