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Explore the rich history and culture of Cartagena through our exciting panoramic walking tour in the Historic Center! Embark on a fascinating journey as you stroll along the narrow cobblestone streets, surrounded by colorful colonial facades and balconies adorned with exotic flowers.
The adventure begins at 4:00 p.m. at the iconic meeting point: the majestic Clock Tower. Our experienced guide, will greet you with enthusiasm to lead you into the heart of the walled city.
Our expert guides will immerse you in the living history of this Caribbean gem, sharing captivating tales of conqueror, pirates and local legends. Discover the secrets behind the ancient walls that protected the city and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere spreaded by local artists who dance and at the main squares.
This panoramic walking tour will not only take you through the most emblematic plazas but will also allow you to immerse yourself in the real essence of Cartagena. Join us for a unique experience discovering the beauty of Cartagena at every step!


16:00 PM


Clock Tower Monument

From: $11

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